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favorite 2016 music

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ramblin’ ron

tonight? tonight i’m going to a cave party. Continue reading

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on the eve of all hallows’ evening, hate

in the past two weeks, two friends have called me a “curmudgeon” and “lame.” i care because i think they’re right.

exhibit a: i don’t like dressing up at prescribed events and times

tomorrow is that spooky holiday where i either have to come up with some “clever” costume or go to work in plainclothes ready to suffer the slings and arrows of my oh-so-spirited coworker. though she’ll be the most vocal, she won’t be the only judging me for preferring jeans and a shirt to a costume. this very same thing was (truly) the only thing giving me anxiety leading up to my first Burning Man. luckily, my love of loves convinced me that it didn’t matter, and that i should bring whatever clothes i wanted, and so i did, and so i mostly just wore boxers and long hair and had the time of my life. i love that girl.

exhibit b: i’m so particular about music

not one… not two… but at least three different friends all insisted in a 24-hour period that i absolutely must listen to the reflektors because oh my god it kind of sounds like disco. it does. it really does. i don’t care. i really don’t. resistance was futile, however, because today a coworker played the album on our office speakers, which made me cringe a bit underneath the skin. first of all, you should know that i’m a contrarian (thanks, Shannon) asshole that will never like something if it’s forced upon me. if you want me to like something, let me discover it on my own. second of all, for the love of god, for my first listen, let me hear the album in full and on a decent soundsystem. not randomly cutting in and out, paused and skipped, plucked and muted in an office setting on a shitty sonos speaker. you’re just asking for me to hate it. these feelings only surfaced a tiny bit, and even the fraction was enough to make another one of my coworkers grimace. “you guys just don’t understand!” cried the audiophile… or did i mean adolescent?

exhibit c: i’m so. goddamn. particular. about music.

yesterday, a friend invited me to go see the Flaming Lips’ Halloween show. it costs $50 and i’ve seen ’em before, sorry, but no thanks. then he proceeded to invite me to see an lcd soundsystem cover band. pay for a cover band? sorry, but no thanks. then he proceeded to invite me to see a new order cover band. dude, sorry, but no thanks! then he asked me if i’d listened to aforementioned reflektors album good god i don’t like the goddamn arcade fire, no, thanks. NO NO NO NO since when was i the most negative person on the planet? i suddenly felt compelled to travel as the crow flies to Natalie or the ocean or the sun so i could just speak in the affirmative for a few minutes. it’s like the music festivals and the street fairs. it’s basically something i have to deal with every summer at this point when festival season rolls around. “are you going to coachella?” no. “are you going to outside lands?” no. “are you going to treasure island?” no. no. no. no. no. no. i don’t like paying a shitton of money to add a bunch of bands to the list of bands i’ve seen. i like to do that one at a time, thank you very much. why? because it sounds way fucking better, they get more time and creative license, and because it sounds way fucking better.

exhibit d: fuck street fairs

this is kind of related to the above but that paragraph was getting way too big and sometimes i become attached to style choices that make no sense. but seriously, i do not give a shit about street fairs. folsom, howard, haight, market, mission, i don’t give a fuck where you’re throwing it, it sucks. same drunkass people, same (granted, delicious) street vendors, and–most important to me–same shitty sound. howweird confirmed this for me: they had like eight stages within one block of each other. guys, that doesn’t sound good. dirtybird + happy house + New Orleans brass… sounds like the sonic equivalent of vomit. it actually gives me a headache. it gives me Burning Man flashbacks. it reminds me how many egos exist. i do not like street fairs, i do not.

exhibit e: this blog post

i’m going to go write about stuff i love. Continue reading

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famous boobs, giant boobs, fat boobs, tiny boobs, boobs on stage, boobs in my mouth, boobs backstage, boobs all around!







that right there’s Jenny Lewis, the bodacious female vocal lead for the Postal Service, who i just saw perform last night at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley. decked out with giant fluffy hair, a dazzling little black dress, and white fishnets… isn’t she such a fucking rock star? her guitar work’s as sexy as she is too.

overall, i loved the show. the band made no qualms about it: everybody was there to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Give Up, the band’s only studio album. seems like just yesterday we were all in high school trying to figure out how to get laid and ace our classes with the least work possible while simultaneously deciding on where to go to college to maximize our chances of actually getting laid and acing our classes with the least work possible. oh, the frustration, the insecurity, the arrogance… and the music. while Nine Inch Nails, Tool, and Aphex Twin were the heartkillers, i always left a little bit of room for the cheesier easier shit like Broken Social Scene, the Flaming Lips, Spoon, Bright Eyes, and, of course, the Postal Service.

and last night, they did not disappoint, playing pretty much everything from that old classic album. perhaps my only criticism would be–and this is hardly something they could avoid considering the nature of the music–that half the music shot out of a computer. most of the beats and a lot of the bass, all programmed. it was like watching Ben Gibbard and Jenny Lewis sing karaoke to all their old hits. but who’s complaining?

ironically, exactly six years ago to the night–July 27, 2007–i saw two other musicians do nothing but bob their heads and poke electronic equipment at the very same venue. yup, Daft Punk. freaky coincidence, right? i went w Adam, and that was my very first time seeing the French fuckers electrifying us from atop their mystical pyramid in the fog. instant. crush.

as if that weren’t coincident enough, one of the songs that played while roadies readied the stage for the Postal Service was “Instant Crush,” off of Daft Punk’s latest. my mind just couldn’t handle all the intersections, so after that the universe switched gears and played “Pump Up the Jam.” that made a lot less sense, i was cool w that.

the night before, i went to church:


it was my fifth time djing for the First Church of the Sacred Silversexual and my sixth time seeing them perform. and boy, they killed it. i honestly do believe they get better and better every time i see them, this time truly taking it to the next level with impeccable guitar solos, flying tits, and a great story to follow. praise be.

i especially savored this performance because i had never performed a venue quite as great as the Rickshaw Stop. it’s not actually a very big place, but it’s big enough for me to have seen both Akron/Family and (light of my life, fire of my loins) The Field perform there. so, perpetually thinking “i’m going to dj where The Field once played, i’m going to dj where The Field once played” leading up to the show, i couldn’t help but be overly excited. i think i did alright. disco, funk, and r&b all evening as promised by “Diamant, the Deacon of Funk,” glittery beard and all. beautiful beat matching there, shitty reverbery mixing there, etc etc.

friends of all sorts came out, which made everything that much better. a couple of them–Chris and Xanthe–had seen the spectacle before, but a few of them–Natalie, Morgan, Alison–were virgins bleeding diamond tears for the very first time. it was truly a glorious night.

in fact, it’s been a truly glorious month!


last saturday, i hosted the very first house show at the orange gray! (i know, i know, it’s not as brilliant and clever and catchy as “bermuda,” but what can you do? we’re the fucking orange.) Caroline Rose… is beautiful. she and her boy ate up a third of my living room with their PA, pedals, guitars, and everything else, leaving the rest of the space for over 20 people to get cozy. it was madness. there were even people in the hallway listening to her because her guitar sucked you in, her voice captivated you, suspended you in space, while Jer’s bass or mandolin work made the floating easy. i’m so thankful her whirlwind passed through my home.

also so thankful for the earlier performers, Brendan with his guitars and Natalie with her piano. i definitely found myself rocking the hell out to a couple of Brendan’s tracks and Natalie’s piano… well… it’s Chopin. what do you think happened to my head?

but that’s not how we started partying this month, nope, nope. we started with disco:


Daft Brunch was a success. end of story. thanks to the combined powers of Elliot (w his big, bountiful backyard full of booze), Mark (w his big, booming sound system), Andrew (w his sexy decks and mixer), and myself (w 16″ of spherical mirrors), we channeled our 100+ guests to sunny champagne heaven. disco.

and now? now this month’s coming to a close and a new one’s awaking… w mysterious treasures unseen by me. in exactly four weeks, supposedly, when the moon looks the same as it does today, i will be cruising north w my roomie and my lover toward the heart of the desert… for what? i have no idea. it will cost a lot of money and it will take a lot of planning and work and once i get there, it will be no Malibu, but i am doing it w smiles and eager expectation.

i live for today, but i love tomorrow. Continue reading

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briefcase full of blues

they say when a man’s happy, he can’t write for shit. actually i said that!

life is too good right now. every minute, every day. i spent a stupid amount of money on meals today. $100 to be exact. $50 at dinner, to take my dad out for father’s day in effing fisherman’s wharf. he and Billy ate half a crab each, i ate the chowder in a bread bowl. then we got coffee:

fathers day 2013

happy early father’s day! (we celebrated early because i’m leaving for Montana in three days; more on that in a second, maybe.)

the other $50 i spent taking a freshly graduated claremont girl out to a schmancy SoMa tech bubble bullshit lunch place by my office. for every bit of advice i couldn’t give her, i fed her deviled eggs, lamb, and avocado. hopefully it helps her in all her endeavors.

can i go day by day? week by week? joy by joy?

sunday i felt like shit so i skipped Sarah’s birthday party. in the evening, Claire came over and we had a jolly good strange time as always. later on, i came completely clean about my girlfriend, and it’s all good, i think, thank god. we can still be friends.

saturday i broke my fucking neck, went deaf in my left ear, and took a sweat shower so i could rub John Dwyer’s PA while getting elbowed in the back. Thee motherfucking Oh Sees at the Eagle motherfucking Tavern. holy jesus christ, son of the virgin mary, loveless adulteress to god, creator of heaven and all the bursts of disco across the earth. that good. then Natalie kissed my wounds w every cell in her epidermis, like the beautiful creature she is.

i basically spent all of friday night making out w her. not much more this man needs.

no memory in mind, i must dig into the facebook archives for further proof of joy passed.

well, fuck, on the sixth day of june, news broke out that the NSA is a fucking filthy piece of shit. but guess what, most people in this country fear “terrorism” so much that they’re okay with it. oligarchs love democracy because common people are stupid. oh yeah, and the Field. the motherfucking Field.

on the fifth day, Dorothy and i recorded ourselves onto cassette for the first time ever. we sound fine, but not great. we have a great amount of work to do, and that’s just fine.

on the fourth day, good god, i have no idea. on the first day, i recounted every drink i drank last month. last month, i found out i have a girlfriend. she’s the most beautiful girl in the world but it gets better because underneath all that beauty her mind works miracles through her fingers and her eyes, it’s like food and jewelry in no such physical form, feeding my hungry, poor heart. she is wonderful and more. i also found out about Drakes Beach. keep it a secret. i also found all about Random Access Memories. i found about the age 25. i found out about going to Montana.

in three days, i’m driving to Bozeman, MT w Cameron and Amanda. he’s going back home. we’re going along for the ride. we’re gonna camp Yellowstone. we’re gonna walk around. we’re gonna think things. i’m gonna miss my girl. she’s gonna miss her boy. Cameron’s gonna miss his Bay, barely. then we’re leaving him, riding the boring ass salt flats back to our beautiful golden city of legends. Continue reading

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the illegal music leecher’s control panel

Screen shot 2013-03-10 at 2.03.21 PM

in reverse order, Discogs for exact release details, Wikipedia for quick easy research, AllMusic for consistently trustworthy reviews, and What.CD to seal the deal. Continue reading

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wet desert

in which the Hero attends the 7th anniversary desert party. Continue reading

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I Want Your Love In Me

in which the Hero finally recalls things from the weekend. Continue reading

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U Got It Bad

from here, we go sublime. that right there is “From Here We Go Sublime,” the title track off Axel Willner’s debut album under his alias, The Field. even if you don’t think it’s your style, it’s worth hearing out until … Continue reading

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Yesterday and Today – The Field (2009) [archive]

already halfway through 2009, i figured i would begin this blog with a post about my favorite album of the year (so far). as the album art maybe reveals, this album’s all about minimalism. with his ear moving closer to … Continue reading

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