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selections from The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels


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Occupy Franklin

In which the Hero walks in the angry streets and hears beautiful sounds. Continue reading

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sing clean

two hunters carve their red-eyed way through the metallic dawn. two hunters, one city, no prey, no population, only desolation: steel sequoias, bridges with their feet wet, flags reigning minimal, pigeons with their heads down low, hot dog rats and … Continue reading

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The Times They Are A-Changin’ [archive]

things on my mind right now: Bob Dylan. revolution. Iran. evolution. iPhone. Internet. society. popularity. fame. work. play. kill. gay. freedom. parade. swimming.

you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone

yesterday, after a couple bowls, i went swimming in the heated pool at Chris’ apartment complex. there’s nothing like feeling like a bird for a few hours, simply flying from perch to perch, diving, swerving, colliding, riding. have you wondered what’s the difference between flying and swimming?

the loser now will be later to win

one of the simplest ways to sound wise is by making extremely mundane comments, like “everyone makes mistakes” or “you’ve gotta do what you gotta do” or, in the most extreme, “that’s the way it is.” god, often credited as the wisest being in the universe, attained his glory with the stupidest (and, to this day, least challenged) statement of all: “i am what i am.” however, by overstepping the bounds of redundant rationalism and restraint, stepping into the dark shadow of maniacal madness and infinite brilliance, one can stack peaks of genius incomprehensible and carve valleys of all-encompassing knowledge. all it takes is a reversal of certain mundane statements. for example, “love is the greatest human passion” becomes “love will kill us all.” “i fear death” becomes “i eagerly await death.” and “losers lose” becomes “losers win.”

the battle outside ragin’ will soon shake your windows and rattle your walls

if you haven’t noticed, the Iranian people hate their government (i’m not the only one!). after an election pretty clearly robbed by the incumbent presidency (he got more votes in some cities than their actual populations), protests have rocked the capital city of Tehran. it’s been going on for almost two weeks now. they started out peaceful (and for the most part seemed to remain so) except for in instances where Iranian authorities opened fire on citizens. actually, the protests and peaceful gatherings are dying a slow death, as the government promises serious crackdowns, as family and friends continue to be injured or killed, as optimism fizzles into ashes. i’m rooting for the Iranian people, of course, and i hope (pessimistically) for the best, but mostly i pray that if ever the people around me felt wronged to the point of bursting, that we will have the power and resolve (and stamina) to take to the streets.

please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand

Google. Facebook. Twitter. Flickr. YouTube. welcome to the Internet. they may not be the giants today or tomorrow, but right now at this exact moment, they are. and you should be paying attention. your parents may be trying to understand, you should try to help them out. you might think it’s really simple, but you grew up with the web getting stuck in your hair like sand after playing at the beach too long. or fuck it. ignore the older generation and wait for them to die, instead focus your energy on trying to keep up with the younger generation. but that’s no use. when you were growing up, growing into your coil of flesh, the younger generation was still just atoms in the air, actually transmitting messages, they were the air and circuitry that is the internet. and now that they’re alive human beings, they might have forgotten their electrical past, but it strikes their neurons a thousand times a second. they’ll always be ahead of you. try your hardest to keep up, but don’t make yourself unhappy doing it. if you feel yourself losing it, then let go.

the first one now will later be last

is there anyone that knows, is there anyone that cares? you pray, so you must care about something, though you may not know a thing. do you got any friends? do you have a baby? do you love because your brain pounds your brain to love? you love because your brain pounds your brain to love. you drive to the driving range because you’re driven to drive to driving range. you pull water from a well through a pulley because you’re pulled to the pulley to pull water from the well. shotguns shoot guns at your bleeding brain, where you once stood, but now you just think. and someone asks you, what do you stand for? and you say, i don’t stand for anything, but sure do think a lot. roar the lion roars. pick the guitar picks. here’s a folk song sung by Bobby Dylan himself:

Continue reading

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