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selections from Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

‘I think,’ said Anna, toying with the glove she had taken off, ‘I think . . . if there are as many minds as there are men, then there are as many kinds of love as there are hearts.’ Continue reading

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selections from Sadhana: The Classic of Indian Spirituality by Rabindranath Tagore

Mind can never know Brahma, words can never describe him; he can only be known by our soul, by her joy in him, by her love. Continue reading

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selections from Arcadia by Tom Stoppard

HANNAH: ‘I had a dream which was not all a dream.
The bright sun was extinguished, and the stars
Did wander darkling in the eternal space,
Rayless, and pathless, and the icy earth
Swung blind and blackening in the moonless air . . .’ (79) Continue reading

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selections from A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce

Once upon a time and a very good time it was there was a moocow coming down along the road and this moocow that was coming down along the road met a nicens little boy named baby tuckoo… Continue reading

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Spectator No. 565. Contemplation of the divine perfections suggested by the sky at night.

I was yesterday about sun-set walking in the open fields, till the night insensibly fell upon me. I at first amused myself with all the richness and variety of colors, which appeared in the western parts of heaven: in proportion … Continue reading

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…and walked into the sky.

i read a book this weekend. it’s all about a little girl named Lyra and her dæmon Pan and this magical elementary particle called Dust and a truth-teller called an “alethiometer” and battles between witches and gyptians and armored bears. … Continue reading

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Would you rather have infinite knowledge or infinite pizza?

–Knowledge, because then I can build a replicator and get infinite pizza anyway
–Pizza knowledge
–Neither. Infinite knowledge would drive any one insane. And I’m already crazy enough.And while I like pizza- I’m not fond enough to want such a thing Infinitely
–My family concludes pizza because by the law of spiderman, infinite knowledge = infinite responsibility.
–Infinitive pizza of course. I already have infinitive knowledge ha!
–That’s tough….. I like pizza and being a smart prick Continue reading

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Continue reading

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from The Making of Kubrick’s 2001

“One morning, some 4,000,000 years ago, a mysterious black, rectangular block appears around which the curious man-apes gather.”

The artifact originally was to be a tetrahedron. Special Effects Supervisor Con Pederson: “The tetrahedron didn’t look monumental or simple or fundamental. It tended to express diminution more than impressive scale. And there would be people who would think of pyramids.”

The original plan was to superimpose a hypnotic teaching effect onto the artifact, a pictorial scene of meat-eating apes instructing the man-apes.

During production, five monoliths were used, some three feet long, one twelve feet long.

Kubrick: “The idea of a magical alignment of the sun, the Earth, and the Moon, or of Jupiter and its moons, was used throughout the film to represent something magical and important about to happen. I suppose the idea had something to do with the strange sensation one has when the alignment of the sun takes place at Stonehenge.”

Apes were actors, mimes, and dancers, except for two baby chimpanzees, which had to be prodded by their trainer to cower with the fake apes. The actors had to have exceptionally thin arms and legs and narrow hips so that when they wore the costumes of hair they wouldn’t look bulky and like men stuffed into gorilla suits. It was an extremely complex task to produce apelike masks with delicate articulation for bearing fangs, snarling, eating, drinking. (A company that manufactured artifical limbs was contracted to produce a long-fingered, narrow apelike hand, which could be operated remotely by the actor’s hand within the sleeve of the longer arm. This failed to look convincing and was abandoned.) Facial makeup was created by making a plastic substructure skull with hinged jaw. A fine rubber mold was made with the equivalent of skin on the face; hair was added as one would put hair on a wig. Movement in the lips was achieved by having false tongue and false teeth and an arrangement of toggles that actors could move with their tongues and that allowed the lips to curl left, right, or both directions. The eyes were the actors; the mask was made right up to the eyelids. Fifteen-hundred individually controlled lamps were on the ceiling of the sound stage.

A computer program was run to determine how long it would take to get the required number of ape costumes made for actors. Based on all the consecutive versus parallel steps, longest-line items, optimum flow, etc., the answer was nine years. A few minor adjustments were made, and the costumes were made in three months. Arthur C. Clarke: “2001 did not win the Academy Award for makeup because judges may not have realized apes were actors.”

Kubrick: “Don’t underestimate the charm of ‘The Blue Danube,’ played by Herbert von Karajan. Most people under 35 can think of it in an objective way, as a beautiful composition. Older people somehow associate it with a Palm Court orchestra or have another unfortunate association, and generally, therefore, criticize its use in the film. It’s hard to find anything much better than ‘The Blue Danube’ for depicting grace and beauty in turning. It also gets about as far away as you can get from the cliche of space music.”

2001’s first spoken words, nearly one-half hour after it begins: “Here you are, sir.”

Picturephone was designed with help of John R. Pierce, of Bell Laboratories, who designed Telstar communication satellite.

Popular Science magazine: “Kubrick destroyed a mad, mad world with a nuclear bomb orgy at the climax of Dr. Strangelove. In 2001, he resurrects a far better world in which you find man routinely shuttling to the Moon.”

Bowman and Poole eat automatically-produced meals while watching on Newspad earlier-videotaped BBC interviews with themselves. Newspad is a kind of flat portable TV device that could display any type of visual or printed material.

Original name for 2001 computer was Athena, goddess of war, wisdom, fertility. Male personality and voice were deemed better.

Five birth dates are celebrated in 2001: Man, Dr. Floyd’s “darling little daughter,” Poole, HAL, star-child. Clarke says that he suggested 2001 subtitle be “Childhood’s Beginning.”

Kubrick: “The trip and the magical alignment of Jupiter and its satellites are the only things in 2001 that don’t conform to what is known to physicists and astronomers.”

Secret filming at a former corset factory, Broadway and 72nd Street, New York, at very start of project produced exploding galaxy. It was known to staff as “Manhattan project.” Continue reading

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my phone wants me to know

let’s start with the fact that you think i get too many ideas while i’m driving, where i’m moving, when i can write them down, shall we?

do you think some people listen to rap because of affirmative action?

would you call this a poem:

everyone has to believe in something i believe
i’ll have another beer

did you consider that a question? would you call this a poem? if i repeat “avocado all” over and over again, do you think you would get annoyed? how many times do you think i would have to say that phrase to annoy you? i bet some people have higher tolerances than others.

avocado all avocado all avocado all avocado all avocado all avocado all avocado all avocado all

six, seven, or later, something?

four-eyed star fish
blue tesseract shorts
confound the curly
mind of mine into
a laying down pose
compare exact
from to ’til all all.

i really like eating. i eat so much and so fast. it’s definitely in the top five reasons why i enjoy being alive, eating. earlier today, i felt my most profound moment while eating on the tiny canal of a house’s side stoop. i was eating lumpia, some sort of egg salad thing, gallo pinto, arroz con pollo, and KFC with my little bro, some cousins, and other family at the lunch reception following the morning funeral for my close cousins’ abuelito. when everyone first crammed into the house, i remember dying of hunger and, impatient for the real food, grabbed a fat KFC chicken breast, a plate, and a napkin. eating outside with a couple other guys, the three of us gnawing at disgustingly greasy skinny chewy dripping chicken, i felt so fucking alive. it was the first real funeral i’ll remember all the details about, i had been thinking intensely about death all morning, and then (no, the sun refused to shine, hail fog!) all of a sudden i found myself tugging at a dead animal for the rest of its life. i don’t think it really means anything, i just felt my aliveness a little more than usual. yeah, aliveness is a word. i checked. aliveness and life are very, very different things.

but the point is, despite the fact that i can eat and eat and eat infinitely, i have little problem cutting that diet in half whenever i feel like it. when there isn’t tons of food in abundance, i don’t feel the need to go out, buy a ton of groceries, and every minute conjure for myself everything i can think of, from canisters of wavy chips to Thanksgiving dinners. nor do i feel like eating a shit ton of hamburgers or burritos or anything else that i normally inhale to satiate my clenching stomach. fasting, starving yourself might be a little risky, but it’s empowering, it’s educational, and it can sometimes get you out of a tight bind! just eat a goddamn sandwich every once in awhile. maybe a glass of water.

i’ve been hanging out with Adam’s dog Lacey quite a bit, since i’m living in her house and all. she’s cool, she’s a brown, black, and possibly white scruffy small dog over ten years old (i think). i feed her a few times a day, play with her around the house and outside, and take her on two walks, one after dawn and one before twilight. we have a cool game. the game is Lacey chooses where we walk. it’s seriously like playing on a giant ouija board, sometimes i feel like the universe is telling me something. or maybe Lacey is telling me something

bittersweet period.
bittersweet, period.

imagine a knife fight in your eye. i was going to put that line in a poem, but instead i put it here. what does it mean?




so i cross the street. oh yeah! i went on another long city walk. the first of the summer was pretty random and relatively directionless, direction being somewhere near the heart of San Francisco, which unintentionally ended up being Dolores Park. this time the walk had a purpose: thinking i had another epic eye-blinding surgery ahead of myself, i convinced Danny to pick me up once it was done. how i would i get there? a pie!

most of Foster City and San Mateo had about as many people walking around as did southern Daly City, where my first trip began. but every minute i inched towards the city, i could see more and more people walking around. naturally. the gradation was awesome though. this time it was just me and Chopin the whole time. i saw maybe one or two other people walking and one was gardening.

Google Maps told me it would take a little over an hour and a half to get to the office, i left a little over an hour and a half before my appointment, and i arrived at the building a little over an hour and a half after i had left the house. oh and, coincidentally, i had randomly decided to shuffle all the Chopin on my phone, which ended up lasting a little over and an hour and a half.


no one is us circa 2007. that’s only happened once ever.

if i had raspberry jam tears, would you try to make me cry?

i forgot to say that i fucking love walking in the city. it’s almost as much fun as driving. but i don’t walk like all those fucking pussies who actually wait at crosswalks. who the hell waits at a crosswalk? i mean, okay, if cars are coming, obviously don’t try to cross the street. but the rest of the time? why the hell are you just standing there? oh, what do i know, maybe i’ll be dead tomorrow.

driving in the city is another amazing part about being alive. fuck, should i just make this list?


  1. fucking
  2. sleeping
  3. eating
  4. drinking
  5. driving
  6. Sea/Space/Sublime

numbers four and five don’t necessarily go together.

driving in San Francisco proves particularly more enjoyable because of all the gigantic hills, obviously. my favorite part is Market St.. flying out of the Castro, down south. Rachel knows what i’m talking about: squiggly turns, ups and downs, little lights. i love driving with Rachel. she understands the magic of good music and skating around on metal. like humans do.

sad sad driving her to the airport a week ago (a week ago! [oh, it’s past midnight]) but we made the most of the hour by having aural nectar lick our ears. driving, music, kingly, high-speed wringing the bottle dry.

“you’re so fucking cool”

“why, because i walk up hills?”

“no. because you’re not addicted to drugs.”

i made a list of things that i actually need to spend money on to make myself happy in life:

  1. moving out
  2. Tokyo
  3. headphones
  4. speakers
  5. record player
  6. receiver

and to that i add “fix car” and/or “bike,” whichever comes in the best possible combination of least trying on my bank account and most adapted to my current living situation.

what is it with me and lists with six elements?

chocolate ice cream is fucking in heaven.

i’m going to go play StarCraft.

Continue reading

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