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selections from The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark

“It’s only possible to betray where loyalty is due,” said Sandy. Continue reading

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hi, I

i did a very strange thing yesterday.

feeling a bit overloaded and scatterbrained in the afternoon office, i decided to go for a walk. that wasn’t the strange thing. i went walking along the pier, thinking that i should do so more since i recently read that all the great geniuses claimed that their daily walks were essential to sparking creativity and re-energizing the mind. but i also shouldn’t go walk for that reason. i should just walk.

walking along the baseball park to the pier, i happened to scroll through my contacts to see if there was anybody i could call. i looked under names that started “Hi” since that was all i really wanted to say to the person on the receiving end. there wasn’t anybody i wouldn’t feel completely crazy calling…

so i pulled back a little. i decided to text my only three friends whose names started with the letter “I.” here’s what they’re up to.


I1 i’ve known the longest. we went to middle school together, though we were never really great friends. in high school, however, i became great friends with one her girls. to this day, this other girl remains my strongest connection to I1. in fact, this is so truly the case, that it took an incredible effort for us not to mention this girl in our 20-text conversation.

once i established who i was (I1 got a new phone a while ago), she sent smiles and many exclamation marks!!! it was silly. then i learned that she had been in Chicago since last summer, studying physical therapy at Northwestern for a graduate degree. seems like everyone my age is taking care of grad school. pretty smart kids.


I2 i’ve known the second-longest. we went to college together, though we were never really great friends. that said, in contrast to what was the case with I1, i actually had a strangely strong personal relationship with I2. i loved experimenting and playing around and she more than dabbled in darkness, so we would kick the night off with a beer or two, and then wander around the campus until the early morning, chatting about whatever or not. there were a couple times where she crashed in my bed, but–if we even cuddled–nothing romantic even hinted at happening. at least once we cruised to denny’s too late, too early. we had a hell of a lot of dumb, numb fun.

like I1, she’s in school too. except, because she dabbled too much in darkness pre-2010, she was now doing it all over. but she’s healthier and happier now, bless her. our conversation was only 9 texts long, but i don’t care. she just finished finals, she’s planning on graduating next year, and i’m proud.


compared to the other two, i just met I3. really, i’ve known him for a couple years, but the most time i’ve ever spent with him 1:1 happened the first time i ever met him. we were both going to Tahoe with a group of mutual friends, i needed a ride, he was driving up alone, it worked out perfectly. because our mutual friends were such awesome people (the drunk, merry, singing, theatrical types) we had zero problem having a great time on the drive up. plus, he had good taste in music.

we’ve only seen each other in specks and spot since that blast of a weekend… and now he’s “very married,” in his words. funnily enough, while this text conversation was the shortest of all, it was also the only one with an action item: “Lets grab a beer or 7 sometime soon.” love it. Continue reading

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