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selections from The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark

“It’s only possible to betray where loyalty is due,” said Sandy. Continue reading

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the “F” word


A wealthy white man capitalizing on the sorrows and fears of a trampled, neglected people. A privileged person profiting from hate. Nerves on edge. Violence in the street. Cameras feeding us footage; we, mutts at a feast of mass-produced chaos. Good for the industry. Business outlook good. Buy. Buy. Buy.

And one can’t help but whether it’s all a distraction.

All the while, people live on those streets. People drift directionless, abandoned. People float in rafts across ancient seas. They are searching for peace. Fat cats make sure their commodity-carrying tankers can pass freely. Are they searching for peace? Warplanes circle overhead. Are they searching for peace? Manhattan-sized arctic shelves crumble and drift southward into the rising sea. Are they searching for peace?

We sit and watch and wonder: are we searching for peace?

Meanwhile, we’ve become a bit shorter of breath. Forgot to drink a glass of water. Didn’t go for a walk today. Didn’t realize spring was only a week away. Happy belated birthday to you. How old am I? How many years have passed? Have I been living life or have I been dying a slow death?

Many thousands of years ago, an ape wrote a “Prayer of Death.” It went something like this:

If you think your life will have no end—
Your foolish days are numbered.
Go and waste your time trying to pretend—
Still—You’re bound for eternal slumber.

And the wicked men who rule this land—
With all their wealth and power—
Are bound to die like you and I
And none can tell the hour.

And so they will. And so will we.

So let’s live in freedom now. Let’s not wait for heaven. It’s here. We’re here.

Let’s live in freedom now. Let’s not wait for a savior, whether we imagine that savior to be a master of technology or master of war, a wealthy ape or poor ape, a man or woman.

Let’s live in freedom now by living with each other. Let’s live in love. Continue reading

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