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sex with me… sex with me… sex with me…

the drive
six-dollar garbage
L. A.
Micah’s little lab
dropping by Federal
sunset cruise to Santa Monica
sir, this is valet only
the motel, Steve, Thai curry, the cockroach

Vator Splash
walk for oil
chillin w Tram
goodbye Santa Monica

sunrise to LAX
the literati
trader joes shopping
gal palace
aerienne’s curry
rise of the jack o lanterns
staples center
the pantry
sex with me, sex with me
film shoot
martinis at Clifton

sweating, parking
Meryl the blonde tart
Clara the effortlessly beautiful
Travis the sexy handyman
back at the chicken shack
raw silk
maximum laughter, minimal consequence
scene queen
80s club (wreck 86?) speakeasy
overpass popup
gig rig piss
spurned the hip hop breeze
hot dog, malt liquor, blow

video chat w love
high as fuck w Fitzcarraldo


piece of shit
part one of Anna Karenina
the Ivy
over the garden wall
finished Fitzcarraldo

fragment of shit
cacao coffee
barneys beanery
little dieter needs to fly

bagels n coffee
work, work
laundry out
car wash
seat belt ticket
laundry home
yoga nap
chicken kebab election
bye aerienne

moving the car asleep
cafe 50s
el matador
shower and jojoba
long lyft
a novel Thai feast
double double rye, straight
bye Meryl
bye Virgil
hello j
from sleep

early morning car move again
waiting for the call
toilet call
pack fast and peace
selected ambient drive
peter gabriel
fresh fruit
surprise! Continue reading

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ramblin’ ron

tonight? tonight i’m going to a cave party. Continue reading

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exactly a month ago, on the 21st day of the third month of this year, i jotted down some quick notes for what would later be a complete blog post or poem:

vernal equinox

red wine

inch wide deep fried tacos full of chicken and love

too deep, still good

a lazy j

green tea for me, chamomile for her


i had spent the night before, on the date of the vernal equinox, with a little lover of mine. as we often do, we drank wine and enjoyed each other’s company in one of the most ancient activities: cooking and eating. she did most of the cooking, i did most of the eating. it was a beautiful, beautiful night, like so many others we spend together.

a month later, and the universe seems so different and so much the same. so different because the reality of a new Daft Punk album (itself exactly one month away) became so much more real with the official release of “Get Lucky.” so much the same because i’m still fueling my dance parties w Daft Punk. so different because “the perfect situation” has come to a head. so much the same because i don’t think it’s gone to my head.

my roommates and i (with special guests Micah and Allison) threw a party on friday. a crazy fucking party.


as far as i’m aware, this is the only photo of Micah and me that exists from the night. sums it up well.

leading up to the party, i thought about the party a lot. one, i doubted city people’s abilities to mobilize and get their asses out to a house situated in a residential neighborhood so far south i sometimes think i’m back home in daly city. two, i doubted digital people’s abilities to remember a party, unannounced on facebook, would actually be taking place.

fuck a doubt.

by happy hour, Micah and Allison were smoking and playing cards in the open garage. Cameron and i were upstairs causing a electric guitar drum racket. Chris and Brendan came over next, adding to the noise. fuck the noise, i said, so i started playing King Crimson. then James Brown. then Madonna. then some disco gold… but it may have been premature. 10 going on 15 people were sitting in a circle in the living room playing king’s cup, and i, the only one abstaining, was also the only one dancing. so i switched to the Clash. that’s when my entire family walked in… mom, dad, and the brothers. they mixed right into the party, actually successfully disbanding the stupid drinking game and turning it into a real hangout. my dad gifted my a bunch of bottles of liquor from the house, most of them near empty. (beggars can’t be choosers.) my mom throws a frozen lasagna into the oven. (i never see it again.) more and more people keep filing in. i find myself on the couch talking to Nick, and the subject of “Get Lucky” arises. we are thenceforth fucked, we decide to play it immediately. (in my mind, “immediately” starts at the end of the currently playing record.) Grayson walks up the stairs and i’m all smiles, telling him he’s arrived at just the right moment… if that Clash record will just finish. it finishes, and the first play of “Get Lucky” goes around. by the end of the night, taking into account the back-to-back plays around 0400, we probably listened to it six times. nobody ever complained… no, everybody just danced w glee. who complains when a classic song gets played again? i weave through Daft Punk’s older, deeper tracks, Michael Jackson, disco, disco, disco… and start feeling famished, mentally. Arianna subtly suggests taking over the djing and i happily oblige. always trust a girl who goes topless at parties. at one point, high and happy in the hallway, surrounded by strangers, i start melting into the walls ecstatic about the Motown (Diana Ross!) dance party happening in my living room, happening completely without my ever having touched the play button for that particular track. there ain’t nothing like curation. i can’t take it all in. too many beautiful faces. too many brilliant minds. so much long hair, so much style, so many glimmering, so many wild. squeeze me to sleep, so pleased. Continue reading

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i love you like i love the ocean

an hour later: 14mg of 2C-E on the 38 Outbound. a golf course. Lands End. Eagle Point Labyrinth. the beach. a starfish. two starfish. several starfish. millions of anemones. tiny, massive anemones. a fallen tree. 14 more mg of 2C-E on the fallen tree. prancing on rocks across water to a massive boulder. staring at the open sea. staring at a tweeter on the boulder. staring at the Golden Gate Bridge. the setting sun. the setting sun. the setting sun. the setting sun. prancing on rocks across higher water to my comrades. staring in silence. the setting sun. the rainbow sky. the where does the night begin? the lush water. the lush rainbow water. the lush rainbow water singing the eternal rock & roll song. Luna playing rock music. the moon rocking the earth. the lush water. the rich ocean. the rainbow-colored endless everything flowing and ebbing the shore, ebbing and flowing the mind. hot chocolate whiskey. uncertainty. go back to where you came from. a walk in the dark. under the trees. death. thinking of death. thinking of Chris dead. thinking of mother dead. thinking i understand not love. i say i love the city. i say i love the ocean. i say i love my cousin. i say i love my mother. i know not how much. i know only so little. i try so hard. i fail so hard. walking in the dark. the bridge, the rocks, the city. what a good choice. like humans do. lights in the sky. lights on the hills. lights in the sea. lights in my eyes. lights in my brain, flashing all the same. engines, animals, boxes, hallucinations. walking in the dark. the Sutro baths. blocked off staircases. trusting my hungry, thirsty body. retreating into dark alcoves. sitting on the dark throne. contemplating community. understanding unity. walking in the dark, listening in the dark tunnel, giggling. a balance act. loving to stay dry, not needing a nut nor a sandwich. no risk necessary, just love and peace and silence. but war has given us mars. but time has given me pain. but time has given me love. but what will the net result be? when i die, will i be warm. to be alive is to be cold. contemplating community. death. understanding unity. life. off the beaten path to return to street lamp civilization. the height of Sutro’s madness. the twinkling fogless city. the end of the Geary line. the roller coaster 38 Inbound. the black panther and his aura. the rushed goodbyes. the long quick walk through downtown, crazy. depressing dada, nobody there but the walking dead. no funk no beats not forever at least. Continue reading

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apostrophe banana chicken dog elephant first gun have i jolly koala log monkey neut Osiris penis quail ruckus silver tug Ufabulum veer while xylophone yellow zebra.

stream of consciousness. it’s just after 0500 on the day of rest, and Donna Summer is trying very hard to convince me of her love for me. i slept early after a long day of… buying and listening to Amoeba records, eating (burrito, ramen, pizza), and cleaning. a girl once said that i am better at being a primate, not only because i pressed her to say so.

lacking an apostrophe, i love food, i love animals, because it’s the first word you hear that starts with the letter “f” when you try to think of the first word you hear that starts with the letter “f,” god knows why, i don’t know, only i know, only i am, only i sleep, sunrise is afterlife, love it want it need it have it, cause it, it,


and your mind will be set free. Love to Love You Baby. Continue reading

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Sexing. Dean Martin

the cure to writer’s block is wine, whiskey and amplified bass frequencies. and fucked pixels. birthday wishes in a world post-facefuck: a god among birds in Echo Park: meanwhile: alas, la is not for me. sf is. i much prefer … Continue reading

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Feadz / weedz / beatz [archive]

what happened? i was posting daily with no problems and now i’m doing this every other day thing. garbage. i think the argolid field trip messed me up because that prevented me from continuing my daily posts. now i just don’t care. i’ll try to fix that.

two nights ago i went with Xanthe and Elaina to the fuzz club to see the man on the left dj one killer set. i seriously love last.fm. i don’t know how i would find out about these places and events without it. i guess in the olden days you’d just go out and try a bunch of places until you found the ones you like. strange though, i haven’t really liked ANY of the places we’ve gone to like that. whenever i follow other people out we end up in some crappy American bar and/or a bar where all the other students in my program are, where the music rarely dips out of the top 40, places that are fun only because i’m there with my friends. on the other hand, both of the places i’ve found based on event recommendations through last.fm (BIOS and FUZZ) play some actually interesting music for some actually interesting people (read: they play electronic music and only Greeks come, not CYA kids).

i had never gone to this place before, but i found it because last.fm knew that i’d like Feadz, who was the headlining dj for the night. the show supposedly started at 2330, so around 0015 i was getting kind of anxious, and i pulled Xanthe and Elaina out the door. after walking for about 10 minutes, we arrived. the place seemed really massive from the outside and once we got in i realized i was right to think so. paid the 15 euro entrance (comes with a drink!), we made our way into a pretty large room for seating around then a bunch of bars then the dance floor. a decent amount of people stood around, but since the place was so big it felt pretty empty. we took a seat (had no idea who was djing, feadz?) and had a couple drinks. the population seriously doubled every half hour. by around 0230, the place has completely filled up and feadz is laying it down hard. i think judging a night by how many times you hear daft punk is a pretty good marker. i counted four. the first two djs BOTH sampled Voyager. Feadz himself sampled the vocals from Oh Yeah (which is actually so wonderful to yell out, OHHH YEAHHHHH) and then he straight up played Alive. that was the last daft punk and it came around the end of the night, so of course i blew up. Alive! i mean, Alive! seriously one of my favorite songs from Homework. Feadz made me very happy. besides the daft punk, he played this awesome awesome awesome remix of Idioteque. Elaina and i had a good time singing that one.

we went out to one of our crappy regular bars on thursday night. because i brought my deck of cards with me, i ended up just shuffling and playing cards with a bunch of people last night. i didn’t really move at all from my seat the entire time we were there. so while everyone around me got more and more wasted, i just got better and better at shuffling. i can do the whole thing now! bridge, and everything! leaving the place, Logan caught this guy chilling on the sofa in a side room of the bar that opens to the outside:

it reminded me of my dogs. but very unlike my dogs, the dogs in this city are super independent. it’s really really crazy how the dogs and cats have their own world in this city. the city takes them in at first just to neuter/spay them and then they just let them roam around as they like. you can’t walk around this city without dogs walking around next to you and cats staring at you from walls and trees. it’s wild. the craziest thing i’ve seen so far i saw while walking up to Xanthe’s apartment. i live very close to a pretty large street running SW/NE with about three lanes on each side, a middle divide, and always a ton of traffic. so i cross this street and take it awhile before turning up north towards Kolonaki. as i’m walking along this street, though, listening to music on my iphone, a dog starts trotting along next to me and keeps walking on past me. we’re walking like this for awhile and he keeps getting further away (damned four-legged creature), and then he just starts crossing the street, right when there’s no traffic. at first, i’m worried! but he stops in the middle divide like it’s nothing, and sits there waiting, because the traffic on the other side was still pretty heavy. the damn dog knows how to cross the street probably better than anyone in my study abroad program! i don’t even wait to make sure he can cross to the other side okay. that dog knew what he was doing and where he was going. my dogs probably would be hit by a car in about 10 seconds if they were free to roam in this city.

the order in which i’m telling these events is MESSED up. but that’s fine, because everything is fine. last night i took a taxi to Kalithea and hung out with a couple Greeks (friends of my friend), Natasha and Monika (i have no idea how it’s spelled, but Greeks definitely don’t have c’s). i can officially say that at 1950february21 (i wrote “march” in my iphone, i don’t know why, i do know why) i have smoked in Greece. took long enough. the rest of the night was of course very silly and involved a lot a lot a lot of music. maybe i’m just trying to avoid a paper i have to write, but now i’m going to discuss some things that have been obsessing me musically.


i think that if you enjoyed DJ Shadows’ “Endtroducing…..” then you will certainly enjoy this one as well. it’s completely instrumental hip hop with a heavy focus on samples, just like Endtroducing. but unlike that album, which has many songs 5+ min long, Donuts has one 2:57 track and the rest all fall under 2 minutes. the name of the album combined with the track lengths make me feel like i’m digging through a box of donuts every time i play the album. and if you don’t dig this beat, you’ll probably dig the next one, coming at you in about 30 seconds. maybe you need a hint of ADD to completely appreciate it, but i think this album is the perfect one for chilling with friends.


Dan recommended me this album in the great last.fm album trade. i know i shouldn’t pay attention to the critics, but this time they got perfect scores from allmusic, Pitchfork, AND Robert Christgau! what the hell is going on? like Donuts, we’ve got another album with short songs on our hands, which i’ve slowly come to terms with. long, epic songs were totally my thing, but there’s something fantastic about straight to the point, i’m done in a minute songs. it’s just punk rock, and there’s something else happening here, but i don’t know what it is… yet.


i have great memories associated with this record. like the first time i heard it all the way through, more than once, in San Diego at Nassar’s apartment. also, when i held it at Amoeba Records and a guy walking by, stopped to say to me, “You have to buy it.” he definitely knew what he was talking about. i own it on vinyl now, but that record is very, very far from me now. no matter. i’ve got the kickass melodies, awkward transitions, I SEE, I SEE NO, EVILLLLLLL, and everything else right here anyway. more punk, more punk, yes, but who knew punk could be so intelligent? (for my own record, this, like Pink Flag, got the triad of perfect scores).


this one was a long time coming. i debated talking about New Order’s “Power, Corruption, & Lies” again, but i’ve definitely raved about that enough here. just get it already. but i had to realize that this is what we had before New Order. Xanthe was all about it and said that if i liked Marquee Moon, then i would certainly like this. she was right. it’s very different from New Order, very dark, very post-punk. Ian Curtis’ voice, so deep, i imagine watching them perform in the bowels of some dark cavern with torches all around and his voice, his voice, just echoing through the caverns.

SUNN O))) – BLACK ONE (2005)

this album sounds like the cover art looks and might be as pretentious and post-modern as the band’s name. drone metal that drones longer and longer as the album goes on. i actually listened to it before going out thursday night, which might sound like a ridiculous way to get pumped about going out, but i don’t care. i let the layers of noise, horrifically deep guitar strumming, buzzing, white noise, black noise, everything just flow over me. extremely meditative.

it’s weird how much different music i listen to now as compared to what i listened to in middle school, high school. but also, how profoundly i feel my rooted obsessions. if you looked at my iphone under Nine Inch Nails, and saw that the only albums i had uploaded to it were the Quake soundtrack and an instrumental version of The Slip, would you know how obsessed i am? Continue reading

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