everything at once

  1. no one knows anything absolutely certainly.
  2. all are one.
  3. an objective reality exists.
  4. love.
  5. an electron is no more significant than i am, i no more than the Milky Way.
  6. everything is beautiful.
  7. free will is an illusion.
  8. nothing is unnatural.
  9. morality is subjective.
  10. the universe is perfect.
  11. if you let go of everything, you can never lose anything.
  12. i am quite lucky to be this transforming, transient train of atoms.
  13. the sublime is the most fearful thing imaginable: 0 (nothingness forever).

2 Responses to everything at once

  1. luna says:

    infinity is overrated.

    i love someone like i love the ocean and that’s how i found u.

    i am knikink on instagram.

    will come back here because ur words sparkle.

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