poems by Tupac Shakur

Life Through My Eyes

Life through my bloodshot eyes
would scare a square 2 death
poverty, murder, violence
and never a moment 2 rest
Fun and games R few
But treasured like gold 2 me
cuz I realize that I must return
2 my spot in poverty
But mock my words when I say
my heart will not exist
unless my destiny comes through
and puts and end 2 all of this

When Ure Heart Turns Cold
2 Kristen & my other friends who wonder

When your heart turns cold
it causes your soul 2 freeze
It spreads throughout your spirit
like a ruthless feeling disease
The walls that once were down
now stand firm and tall
Safe from Hate/Love, pain/joy
until u feel nothing at all
When ure heart turns cold
a baby’s cry means nothing
A dead corpse is trivial
Mothers neglecting children is daily
Lonliness becomes your routine friend
Death seems like Tranquility
Sleeping is never pleasant
if u even sleep at all
u forget ideals and turn off the reason
make sure the product gets sold
You Don’t understand How I Behave
Just wait til your heart turns cold!

Only 4 the Righteous

I’m Down with strictly Dope “So”
That means I’m more than u handle
“Hot” I’m hotter than the wax from a candle
“Him” that’s Roc he’s my microphone companion
“Lyrics” full of Knowledge Truth and understanding
“Hobbies” Rapping is my only recreation
“retire” u must be on some kind of medication
“why” because I’ll never loosen up my mic grip
“Drugs” never cuz I’m living on the right tip
“sex” only with my girl because I love her
“Babies” impossible I always use a rubber
“Bored” rarely cuz I’m keeping myself Busy
“Scratch” nah I leave the cutting up 2 Dize
“Dize?” yeh that’s my D.J. he’s the greatest
“Word” nah he’s paying me 2 say this
“the mind” is something that I cultivate and treasure
“Thanks” Your welcome and besides it was my Pleasure

What Is It That I Search 4

I know not what I search 4
But I know I have yet 2 find it,
Because it is invisible 2 the eye
My heart must search 4 it blinded.

And if by chance I find it,
Will I know my mission is achieved?
Can one come 2 conclusions,
Before the question is conceived?

Just as no one knows
what lies beyond the shore,
I will never find the answer 2
what it is that I search 4.


The Mutual Heartache?

Introduced with innocence
who would have ever guessed
that u were the one I had
been so desperately searching 4
u talk as I do but yet u dont
understand when I mumble
u c as I do but your vision is
blurred by naivity
This is the barrier that separates us
I cannot cross yet
There is 2 much of me that
would frighten u so I live in
heartache because we cannot
fully explore this love and
what of your heartache
Does it feel as sharp as mine
no matter where I go or how long it takes
I will never recover from this mutual heartache.

A Love unspoken

What of a Love unspoken? is it weaker without a name?
Does this Love deserve 2 exist without a title
Because I Dare not share its name
Does that make me cruel and cold
2 Deny the world of my salvation
Because I chose 2 let it grow
People tend 2 choke
that which they Do not understand
why shouldn’t I be weary
and withhold this love from MAN
what of a love unspoken
no one ever knows
But this is a love that lasts
and in secrecy it grows

Forever and Today

u say that u’ll love me forever But what about today
As the Dusks Become Dawns and the years pass on will u love me the same way
if so let us rejoice and Bathe in constant pleasure
if not spare my heart today and I shall recover before forever
And if my Doubts and ?’s upset u, forgive my fragile heart
I just wanted 2 know if u’d love me forever
Before today would START!


Every word
cuts 2 the heart
Conversations R ended
be4 they start
Is this what u want?
is that what i want?
is this what must be?

This is not a game
this is a love
one should be played
the other cherished
I feel 2 hearts breaking…
is this what u want?
is this what I want?
is this what must be?

1 for April

2 me your name alone is poetry
I barely know u and already
I can’t explain this feeling i feel
I want 2 c u from the moment
u leave my side til the moment u return
My nonchalant cold heart finally has eyes only
So now I risk it all
Just 4 the feeling of joy u bring me
I accept the ridicule
in exchange for the words u share with me
All of this & much more I will do

The Power of a Smile
4 Reneé

The power of a gun can kill
and the power of Fire can Burn
The power of wind can chill
and the power of the mind can learn
The power of anger can rage
inside until it tears u apart
But the Power of a Smile
especially yours can heal a frozen heart


The Sun and the Moon

Your ways R similar 2 the rays of the sun
Warm 2 many but 2 strong 4 some
The more u R needed the brighter u shine
Watched 4 2 Long and your Brilliance will Blind
The eyes of mortal men who threaten u with Doom
They regret 2 c u set but it is time 4 the moon


Strength is overcome by weakness
Joy is overcome by Pain
The night is overcome by Brightness
and Love — it remains the same

A River That Flows Forever
4 mother

As Long as some suffer
The River Flows Forever
As Long as there is pain
The River Flows Forever
As strong as a smile can be
The River will Flow Forever
And as long as u r with me
we’ll ride the River together.



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5 Responses to poems by Tupac Shakur

  1. oceanz says:

    I love the legend 2pac amaru shakur

  2. mind says:

    He is truly a legend

  3. ilevakam sox says:

    2pac lesane crooks,,,bin ma ispiration till I die,,,niggaz don’t really die hey!!!its either we die or got a chill outta miami”””salute”

  4. Stephen Bethel says:

    the eyes see, but the mind see more. from the temple Gods.

  5. 2pacalish says:

    the people who lived with tupac didn realise they had a luving legend ….if l waz jada wld hev married pac then will later

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