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Swan Lake

two hundred and something years before you assembled in the dust of your mother’s groin, the genius sabotaged your chance at creative survival by putting to paper centuries worth of lively, gay interpretations of the world around you, which now … Continue reading

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Strength can be gentle
But you don’t see it that way

I saw a light in you
trying to grab it before it fades

Trying to grab it ‘fore
Trying to grab it ‘fore

The cold and the dark enter your heart
You’re afraid
The monsters inside you, cripple and blind you
and I know you are
and I know you are
The same





the apes sat around scrawling their squishy mochi minds all over the table. the mochi would leap out their skulls and slam against the table in an explosion of colors, portraying different forms of flesh, perspective, landscape, language. there an avocado, an orange outta nowhere. there a woman steps out of the shadows w red wine bleeding from her right ear socket, watercolors streaming down her face. there voltages fired through a test tube, attempting to synthesize volcanic activity here in the comfort of our own home. here the voice of the prophet, inky and wet, dripping everywhere, staining everyone’s fingers, the same contagious fairy tales and riddles told for thousands and thousands of years. what does the future hold? the same fairy tales, riddles, prophets? can it be forecast in cheap blue ink? in the name of the gracious and glorious crime of poetic appropriation, may we all grow to be the most beautiful blooms of ourselves. Continue reading

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first 25 hours on my AT440MLb

“Carry On, Turn Me On” — Space “Life Is Something Special” — New York Citi Peech Boys Blue — Joni Mitchell Silent Shout — The Knife The Complete Brandenburg Concertos — Bach “Meeting in the Ladies Room” — Klymaxx “Chime” … Continue reading

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