Monthly Archives: July 2015

sitting & walking

at rest, my body
slouches on the couch fat and dehydrated
gazing out perfect square glass windows at
sun and storm, paintings hanging in the gallery.

in motion, i balance between
emerald corn and golden wheat
while my spirit chews coca leaves
with poor peasant women,
women of color
whipped to the ground. i am the whipped
and i am doing the whipping, the white
man, white pawn, wealthy and well-known and running for president
on whatever platform will win, a bum rummaging thru the dumpster.
tap tippity tap tap, my tortoise mind
types the endless small talk of the eons, then explodes
watermelon juicy under eighteen wheels
guided by eyes glued to the screen, perfect rectangular glass window.

a nail in the coffin,
at rest; in motion,
a thread of the world’s weaving. Continue reading

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