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in which the Hero sums up the second month of the year, for better and for worse. Continue reading

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possible reasons i got an ocular migraine today

mushrooms pasta
tomato sauce
peach yogurt
not very much water
stressed as fuck
rice krispie Continue reading

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turn me

i like one word band names, like Tool. not like Radiohead, because that’s a stupid name and it’s not even one word… unless imaginary compound words are real words. Alex would argue they are, Blunts would not. i like one word band names like Tool… and like… Diana… and like Spiritualized and Sublime. Alex and i said those last two at the same time and laughed a riot because, you see, they’re both great bands and both have one word names and they both happen to start with the letter S and, though of different syllables, speak the same sultry, sunny transcendence that comes with good goddamn music.

perhaps not coincidentally, the night of wednesday the 23rd of may, i’ll be experiencing the tunes of Spiritualized at the Fillmore. should be fantastic so, in preparation, i’m currently rounding the end of Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space just for good measure. just for good measure, i should listen to some other albums by the band. education, you understand?

in the past 37 hours, i have slept 20. that’s not so shocking, is it?

i love rock & roll so much that i don’t do anything else but rock & roll. that includes sleeping a lot, showering in the evening in a dull green haze, avoiding white powder at all costs with the healing power of low frequencies, ducking out on board games, ducking out on dancing (yeah, right), ducking out brunch, ducking out on football, spinning 45s, spinning 45s in reverse, spinning 45s in slow motion, playing the song “Slow Motion” by Panda Bear, playing the song “Upside Down” by Diana Ross…

turn me by zronnyz

…playing Diana Ross, playing Panda Bear, playing with a little mouse, rolling about around the house, stepping on the roof with a handful of scrambled eggs, chewing bacon, chewing pizza, chewing cheese, biking solo, speaking the same thing you’re seeing which is space. etc etc etc. Continue reading

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possible reasons i got an ocular migraine today

bacon wrapped scallops
two whiskey gingers
not that much water
three tacos
half burrito
orange Continue reading

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