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all your kind [archive]

i’ve rediscovered a classic. indie rock for life. making fun of christianity for life. read this Kenneth Rexroth i found; it expresses exactly one of my biggest beefs with the religion that i grew up with: The first distinction to … Continue reading

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monsterpussy monsterpussy meow monsterpussy [archive]

i’ve lately received various compliments about my writing, hair, and general ronniness, so if this post comes out repulsively egoistic and raw in the worst possible way, then i’m sorry; you only have yourself to blame.

first of all, music is great. lately i’ve been really into this Scottish indie pop band from the 80s called the Vaselines (especially the songs “Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam,” “Monsterpussy,” and “Son of a Gun”). they just write these great three minute ditties about life and the sun and animals and love and they play instruments like guitars and drums and vocal cords at least pretty well. they’re seriously the cutest.

you know what’s not cute? the color black. or wolves. or incense. or candles. ok maybe candles but not the color black or wolves or incense. or this guy:

that’s one of the guitarists of Wolves in the Throne Room, this Washington black metal band i saw open for Earth a couple days ago. the show was pretty fucking nuts. but then, black metal is pretty fucking nuts, in general. i was totally feeling it (ate some four two oh nomz before the show) and tried to headbang my ass off but couldn’t because everyone else around me was in a frozen daze. sad. the band still rocked out with their black and wolves and incense and candles anyway.

then came five songs worth of Mr. Carlson, a surprise cellist, and the shittiest fucking drummer in the whole goddamn world.

seriously. no matter how beautifully, beguilingly, and bountifully Mr. Carlson stroked his guitar, this dumbfuck drummer couldn’t make a snare land on time for shit. the drumming is not complicated. have you ever listened to Earth? the hardest thing about it is probably its slowness; sometimes i find it harder to play slow than fast because the time between beats allows for more error. but she didn’t fail completely. her hi-hat was fine, her bass was fine, even her fills and cymbal slams were fine, but she could not for the goddamn life and soul of her existence hit the snare drum anywhere near the same moment anyone else in the band plucked a string. i still don’t understand it. later that night, Meryl and i munched on in-n-out later like beasts, so my anger was somewhat appeased.

this past sunday i went to the smell for the first time. Jane, Mandy, and i saw four bands–Back to the Future the Ride, Protect Me, Dunes, and Male Bonding–but i mostly went for the last of the four, the headliner. they’re this punk band from the UK that just signed onto Sub Pop, has an album coming out in the next month, and, supposedly, “is, like, seriously, about to blow up.” i went to see them, not only because i like making sure i’m into a band before anyone else, but also because i had rocked the fuck out to their performance the friday just before, when they had played NO-CHELLA, an anti-Coachella event on campus. at the first show, i headbanged myself into a stupor, but at the second show, people were much more mellow, unfortunately.

tomorrow morning, i am speaking to people who actually understand words about an American Romantic author and a highly abstract aesthetic concept. tomorrow afternoon, i am partaking in illicit activities while my peers tell me about their adventures in the underworld. tomorrow evening, i am watching the Pomona College Choir and Orchestra perform Mozart and Stravinsky. tomorrow night, i surf into oblivion, chanting the name of the great one, Music.

did i have a second point, or was that all? Continue reading

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Calephorniaum [archive]

a umbrage, especially archaically, arcs over the poet as assholes (real people) cannon clean bright cherry objects (words) in a jumping jack chutzpah deserving of crucifixion. what a fucking racket, he hops across drunk city, soggy grogs of sodomy. he’s … Continue reading

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Magazine by Kitchen Hips [archive]

ink squirts out from the page like a oiuja board dart she moved it right along muppet movie latent labia puppets screeching out funky scratchin’ beats along grooves pavement streets stray cats tin trash can alleyway Tom went to the … Continue reading

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Your World of Text [archive-fb]

so i just discovered this new site

where anyone on the internet can just go type random-ass things in a big blank text box. you can instantly write over what other people write, you can write up, down, left, right, whatever.

i found it, of course, by stumbling upon

where hella teens were repeatedly typing “penis” and hella Deans were repeatedly typing “nigger” and, while it wasn’t the most useful tool in the world for having metaphysical conversations, it was certainly an interesting experience.

turns out, since the site’s in its early stages, you can claim any number of worlds. i’ve already claimed a few and, drumroll please, am proposing that all my friends change their homepage to

it’s like the ultimate chatroom except no one knows who you are. or maybe because no one knows who you are. try it out! come leave a message! tell me how vain i am for trying to make everyone come to ronnyland. talk about your day! confess about something you did that you won’t even tell your best friend! cry about your crush! ask someone to do your homework! look for a job! masturbate! the sky’s the limit!

Evan H, Meryl, Evan S, Zachary, Elise, and tfp like this Continue reading

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i am famous [archive]

Continue reading

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i must not fear. [archive]

i saw the Entrance Band live last night.

Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.

that’s a link to their opener from a week ago at KSCR Fest, “Silence on a Crowded Train,” a killer seven minute feast of desperate howls, sexy bass, and smashed bowels.

i’ve just started listening to them (actually their live performance was the first time i had heard their music at all), but i’m already pretty into them. it’s just sultry psychedelic music–not much you can complain about there. before playing one of their songs live–i haven’t figured out what it’s called yet–the singer screams out that litany up there, taken from Frank Herbert’s “Dune.” pretty trippy. as if that weren’t out there enough, this dude feels the need to end his set with a let’s-see-if-i-can-destroy-my-vocal-cords set of screams. as his flesh caved in with each successive scream, the bassist and drummer just wonked on their instruments for at least five minutes. good old rock & roll. also: their bassist is a total fucking babe. i don’t care that she is supposedly Facebook friends with two of my really good friends and i don’t care that i barely touched her hand last night, because my first memory of her will always be this fucking beautiful rock star who decides tying her hair in the middle of a music video is a good idea (@1:56).

life is good now that i’ve finished thesis. unfortunately, i’m not really happy with the end product. i turned it in with so few edits and revisions, it’s laughable. i just completely lost interest. my only two English courses this semester are poetry, one reading, one writing; my mind is in another world. the way i think and feel and express these days is a mumbly jumble of bumblebee grumbles, and that’s not how one writes an academic paper. oh well.

music everywhere everywhen! in the last week, i’ve seen Thee Oh Sees three times and the Entrance Band twice. the coolest thing is that i met this old dude who kept going to each Oh Sees show also. we even carpooled to the third. i made a point of befriending him because i saw that he was recording at the very first show. i never would have imagined i’d get my hands on an Oh Sees bootleg, and now i have three sitting pretty in iTunes. makes me happy. i also saw Devendra just before all the Oh Sees show. he cut off all his hair! wild. sort of inspired me to shave my face, kind of wanted a change. he played some wonderful tunes, of course.

besides all the live stuff, had a crazy freeleech this weekend so i went to town on some massive torrents, like complete Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Motown, and Scarlatti sets. i know it’s pure gluttony, but so what? i also took the opportunity to download albums that i only have shitty bitrate versions of.

i should talk about something more interesting. like rainbows. god i love rainbows. Continue reading

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some lines my phone found interesting [archive]

the French connection drunk (j)ungle put the stunna shades away god i’m perpetually losing battery life. we all are. dazy day, hazy hour a green pepper, a blue pepper, and a violet pepper pepper rainbow retort tortilla a fat vat … Continue reading

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