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some words [archive]


n. the deep fissure between the user of irony and the object of contempt Continue reading

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ronny’s theorem [archive]


Hahahaha beepbeepbeeeep gahhh



Beer before beer youre in the clear, liquor before liquor never been sicker

Walk without rhythm and you wont attract the worm Continue reading

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Please write a brief personal narrative [archive]

My name is Ronny **** and I was born on May 26, 1988 to two loving parents, one from a small, dusty, desert town called Miami, Arizona (my father), and the other from a small, dusty, tropical town called Juigalpa, Nicaragua (my mother). I have one brother five years older than me and one brother four years younger than me.

Daly City, the suburb just south of San Francisco (and probably one of the foggiest cities in the world), was my birthplace and hometown, and I still call it home since I return there for every school break.

I was raised Catholic, attended a Catholic elementary school for a few years, and attended a Catholic all-boys high school, but I no longer identify myself with that faith.

Though my parents always played great music (Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, etc.) for me, I really tuned into music as an obsession in middle school, around the time my parents gave me a drum set for Christmas, coincidentally. Since then, I’ve been jamming with friends, scrawling my favorite lyrics in note margins during class, and dreaming of concerts every day. Reading has been an even older passion for me, as I started reading well before I enrolled in kindergarten. The arts, in general, have always held a special attraction for me and nothing makes me more passionate than writing or making music, except perhaps being in love (though the two are hardly mutually exclusive).

I love learning about the world and questioning just about anything anybody says about it. Life has always been and will always be an elusive, fractal-shaped enigma, to me, and so far it appears as though it will never cease to spark my curiosity. Continue reading

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Isolation (A Little Bit, Sometimes) [archive]

Continue reading

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