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sweet young thing [archive]

the sweet young thing scowls at me for sneezing my dream,
my sleazy passport to exotic coral reefs, where fish,
colorful like the sky, never die, indeed they only swim and
swim and swim until they’re fried. but the sweet young thing
is no fish, she’s a girl with an iron fist, a metal hand,
an elemental grappler, a five-fingered fleshling friends with my
king. sinking, sinking into the blended stripes of hair,
short, but not long, dirty, but not clean, dry, but not wet with the
spurts of my tremendously procrastinated exodus. sexy, sexy,
sweet young thing,
don’t idly sidle away from the sun,
don’t burn your soft skin on an elephant’s memory,
don’t drool over the fantasy of ashy windows cold,
don’t idly sidle away from the sun. Continue reading

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a letter [archive]

Dear Aunt Sally,
I think I’ve missed your last few letters. The weather’s been kind of sketchy lately, so I’ve been estimating that nothing short of a snowstorm must’ve whirled away our postman. Regardless, I’ve thought of you immensely, especially every time I walk past Gorgenheim Park. Do you know the kids still play tennis there? It’s pure beauty seeing the youth blast those balls across the court. I only wish you were here to watch with me. My coughing hasn’t improved much, but that’s not really a huge cause for concern; it’s my fault for smoking too much anyway. The newly installed industrial factories across town I’m sure aren’t helping, but who’s a girl to question the motives of the state? No, I’ll leave things like that to my father. HE never has any problems placing blame. Tonight, in fact, he nearly threw a plate of hot rice at little Billy for some simple slip of the tongue. Don’t ask for anymore details. I kept meaning to ask in my previous letters, but some perpetual lapse has hindered me: Are you absolutely sure you don’t want me to return your copy of “The Whale”? I’m working through for about the sixth time, but I’m sure I’ll never reach an understanding of it to rival yours or Benny’s. The monolith corpulence of Melville’s diction baffles me sometimes. Either way, I love it. Oh! You’d never guess what I’m listening to on the radio right now. Give up? “Bittersweet Symphony”! It gets me every time. Unfortunately, beautiful things never seem quite as beautiful without you around. Please excuse my rashness but, will you please return soon? What I really want to say is, I never am as tickled, as pleased, as ecstatic as when you’re around. You just seem to know how I work like nobody else does. Not even any of the girls at school touch me the same way you do. I love you. Reply as soon as you get this. Regards,
Beth Continue reading

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3001: A ? Odyssey [archive]


“Good question. I’ll be surprised if society is still around in this manner. I doubt it heavily. Too soon to tell, but more later, i’m going to ponder.”

“Are you kidding? By then it’ll be back to microbes for us”

“Is that a movie or what” Continue reading

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what i did in class today [archive] Continue reading

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