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In Ghosts [archive]

there is way too much on my mind right now.

right now, i am listening to RADIOHEAD’s ‘IN RAINBOWS,’ a fantastic rock ‘n’ roll record about the universe. there might only be one thing that i enjoy doing more than listening to the record and it’s staring at the album art. IN/ RAINBOWS IN RAIN/BOWS IN RAINBOW/S IN RAINBOWS/ IN RAIN_BOWS RA D IOHEA _D _RAD IO HEA D yellow blue orange green yellow-orange red sky blue orange cosmic supernova enveloped my ice rink blue star child. they really got the aesthetic right.

before i continue, let me just say that we should make 6am the new midnight. that way, when you wanted to talk about your crazy night out partying, you wouldn’t have to waste your breath saying, “yeah, so last night slash this morning was fucking crazy.”

anyway, last night/this morning, tori and i spent the night at the ft. funston beach. all my life, all my conscious life, i’ve wanted to spend a night at the beach. and just sleep there. sure, it’s a bit cold, but what more can a human ask for, what more besides the sound of perfect rolling waves dashing against your dreams? nothing. i woke up with the dawn, stood up, wrapping my blankets around myself and stared at the sea for maybe an hour or more, while tori slept. the ocean is a beautiful thing. it reminds me so much of the universe.

tori and i had a long drunken discussion about the universe. it was kind of like the argument i have with a certain environmentalist who has an easy time seeing the world in terms of the man/nature dichotomy. look at that powerplant blocking my view of the lake. look at those hideous skyscrapers, like a tumor on the foggy bay. look at those scraps of metal, orbiting this life rock we call home. no, no, i cannot pry myself from the belief that man is as much a part of nature as i am, as you are, as the bees are, as the trees are, as the walri, fungi, cacti, music, blossoms, words, and rolling waves. nothing is unnatural.

is music alive? this past weekend has been utterly musical and magnificent. friday, adam tori and i headed over to outside lands, ticketless and determined to see some good performances. after circling the golden gate park concert’s perimeter once, we started making a second round, returning to a little hill that we sighted on the first trip. some people were walking down already. i sat on that hill for awhile, realizing that it led to the backs of a bunch of vendors. eventually, i just said fuck it. walked down the hill straight to the fence, thought once thought twice looked around thought trice thought quice looked around said fuck it and jumped. my heart was beating like a motherfucker, but i was in and safe. eventually tori and adam made it over too. we were elated.

so we let some reggae quell our adrenaline rushes, feasted, and caught half of beck’s set, before making our way to the massive monolith of fans that was the site of radiohead’s performance. minus some highly disruptive, certainly memorable sound glitches in the early part of their set, they put on an amazing show, as usual. starting with 15 Step, ending with Everything in Its Right Place (classic.), making sure to play You and Whose Army?, blowing my mind with a dramatically intense performance of Exit Music (For a Film), radiohead made it good. the fog might’ve helped them.

on saturday, jumping the fence worked equally simply as on friday. after catching the end of an excellent bluegrass performance by Abigail Washburn & the Sparrow Quartet feat. Bela Fleck, dan adam and i made our way to the front of the stage to make sure we could see the lines on Devendra Banhart’s face. before he played, he and the band came out to throw everyone ice creams! dan adam and i each caught one, got a ice cream sandwich myself. after i finished eating, the band came on stage and the show pleased me greatly. if you throw your fans ice cream before you play, if you cover a classic summer song during the summer at a summer festival, if you happen to end your set with a song completely stuck in the mind of one of your fans, then you have successfully put on a very pleasing show.

i thought my excitement had been exhausted after devendra, because even though adam was excited for the next act, M. Ward, i really hadn’t listened. boy was i mistaken. from the first second to the last my ears surrendered themselves to that man’s guitar. i love concerts.

after that show, adam dan and i headed over to amoeba records. i traded in a ton of horrible CDs and a couple good ones for two records: ‘Ambient 1: Music for Airports’ by Brian Eno and ‘Marquee Moon’ by Television, two outstanding releases. if you haven’t listened to either, you absolutely must. the first will make you more relaxed than you have ever been in your entire life. the second will also make you relaxed, but you might want a beer to relax with that one. on top of those, adam bought me nin’s ghosts on vinyl as a late birthday / early christmas present. super super super happy happy happy yes yes yes.

oh dear goodness: meryl and i are seeing nine inch nails live in less than two weeks.

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a revelation [archive]

nine inch nails sounds like madonna.

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i love the Pirate Bay [archive]

mostly because it’s such a nice website. i always used to google ‘whatever i wanted to download’ + ‘torrent’ and i would often find what i was looking for. lately, however, i try the pirate bay first. i don’t know … Continue reading

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what’s your favorite time of day? [archive]

i think i would have to split my answer, if the gods allow it.

noon, particularly solar noon (when the sun is at its highest point in the sky), is such an epic time of day. helios just stares at you, burning you (depending on your location on the planet). shadows hide in crevices and trees stretch like olympic athletes before a race. it’s a great time for driving, blasting your favorite music, and making love behind soft curtains.

midnight, particularly solar night (the opposite of solar noon), is another epic time of day. helios, scorching the complete opposite side of the planet, leaves us in the biggest shadow we will ever know. and such a familiar shadow. it’s a great time for driving, blasting your favorite music, and making love behind dark curtains. Continue reading

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that’s what i’m talking about [archive]

inextricable possibilities feed my bean bag chair mind ripping after only so few years of use in a college dormitory loud enough to be an outdoor rock concert played by a one man band that just released a photo album of your childhood, a childhood you hardly remember because you were too busy living it to remember it. Continue reading

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Daly City, I Wanna Be Your Lover [archive]

at the beginning of july, i drove into san francisco:

…and it was beautiful. so is boards of canada. i love boards of canada, san francisco, and the fog. for the last month, i’ve had boards of canada on my ipod, but san francisco was only a memory and i sometimes doubted the existence of fog. but i have no doubts now. what else? i’ve either acquired some real footage of the big bang or a demonstration of what my thought process often looks like:

…and it was beautiful. if you can guess what that really is, you deserve to rule america. i’m serious. i, on the other hand, wanted no part in this america, so i booked a flight northwest to the cold, dry, barren lands of arctic russia, seeking solitude and despair. airport security, however, must not be up to the levels of strength it claims, for upon final arrival, i found myself in the hot tub of nicaragua. i filmed exactly one minute of my flight there:

…and it was beautiful. that video was not edited at all. the airplane was acting as a sort of mallet upon the clouds, resulting in the sonic delicacy of beethoven. nicaragua was hot and wet and ready for action, so i rocked it. by day, i literally sat in a rocking chair and read a few books: hell’s angels by hunter s. thompson, the hunchback of notre dame by victor hugo, cousin bette by some horrible writer, the scarlett letter by nathaniel hawthorne, and the rape of nanking by iris chang. all are worth reading. by night, i literally sat on a stool sipping either nicaraguan beer or nicaraguan rum, rocking out to everything from linkin park to tool. eventually i got sick of the disgusting humidity, so i decided to take a swim in the united states’ atlantic coast:

…and it was beautiful. but still humid. meryl and i explored art and monoliths, whales and bridges, bats and bees, honey and seeds, burgers and castles. it was a very delicious and nutritious week. is it healthy to stare at somebody’s face for very long? i know one thing that’s certainly not healthy: sitting at airports forever. but before i knew that would happen, i watched people buzzing like bees on the tarmac:

…and it was beautiful. those men, or those of their class, eventually got me home. i must have spent over 12 hours at the airport the past two days. i probably spent more time staring at a girl’s eyes. we’ll see how i turn out.

it’s good to be in california. Continue reading

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