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quite unworldly [archive-x]

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TXT [archive-x]

ah… the memories:


0611161034 Mike: “You guys totally should have come! The nappies wanted to meet some frosh, and there were 28 joints and 18 bowls total, along with the keg.”
0611160022 Andrea: “I want home”
0611120114 Danny: “Fucking kaiser”
0611110032 Julio: “Good proud to know u kid. one day we will sit down with a bleez and coffee-irish cream 4 u-n talk bout it
0611110028 Julio: “I hear ur a drunk loon with a buggary for the pot…good man…be good”
0611080730 Ben: “Because I havnt talked to you and i you. But the only way i know how to express that is aggression.”
0611071856 Ben: “Puck famona.”
0611071540 Adam: “Ever feel like yo want to be a musician, a doctor, a lawyer, a historian, a teacher, a scientist and a psycologist in one day?”
0611061607 Summer: “Could i ever become a socialist?”
0611051152 Andrea: “I love you”
0611040213 Shannon: “You’s a bitch. That’s all i have to say.”
0611030210 Courtney: “You’d be so proud of me, i just had a debate with some christians who tried to save us in west hollywood, at one point they were just speechless. Fuck god”
0611022312 Mike: “So, i’ve got this bottle of soco…”
0611022117 Adam: “2001”


0610241313 Andrea: “ video chat!”
0610231106 Adam: “Oh shit! Trent has a beard!”
0610191116 Mike: “you’re in class right now, so i’ll make it brief: clitoris.”
0610190030 Summer: “I feel like i’m in an alternate universe. Seriously though. and it’s really freaking me out maan. Must be the stuff i puffed.”
0610111214 Summer: “I used to get high on life but then i built up a tolerance.”
0610101407 Tony: “2 delicious brownies are chillin in my freezer”
0610100919 Mike: “I’m hella sick and tired of this hella dumb logic class.”


0609091406 Tony: “I am seeing one fourth of the greatest band ever tonight”
0609082231 Adam: “God Ronny, i love you and your family. Thank you so much for this weekend. You are coming down and i’m treating you.”
0609081007 Andrea: “There’s a spider in the ice chest and no one is home to kill it what do i do”


0608292108 Ben: “What are you doing with your life? Im reading a comic book now. Its about math.”
0608281307 Summer: “Yay first day of college! I’m becoming a regular bus taker. Save the environment!”
060820005 Ben: “Shes majoring in art. Im in love.”
0608152341 Adam: “To all that has been, all that could have been, all that is, all that’s going to be, all that was. I miss you already. I know i’m ridic but, its an ending. Continue reading

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what the fuck?! [archive-x]

i just went to blow my nose.

when i was done, i threw the tissue in my laundry hamper. Continue reading

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credit where credit’s due [archive-lj]

i got my first credit card this past july. the credit limit is $600. collectively, not taking into account payments i’ve made to it, i’ve charged over $1500 to it. about $1000 of that total balance, though, consists of things i’d normally expect my parents to pay for: books, plus i used it to temporarily pay for the service on my mom’s car. over the past few months i’ve made about $1000 in payments from my own checking account and they haven’t made any payments to it. that means, technically, they still owe me about $1000.

the problem is, i don’t care how obvious it is, i can never ever ever ever tell my parents that


owe me

one thousand dollars.

i think that up to this point in my life, they have given me so much, so, so much, and they’re still going to give a lot more, that they will probably never owe me anything, ever.

i just wanted to give credit where credit’s due.

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sass [archive-x]

all i get from my girlfriend is sass. Continue reading

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